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Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin for almost 80 years and is the UK’s market leader in the treatment of nappy rash and other skin irritations. Sudocrem products are clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect your skin and works as a barrier to promote natural healing. Sudocrem products contain an emollient that soothes sore or inflamed skin, this effective formula has been tried and tested and continues to be one of the most popular brands in the UK. Sudocrem products contain a water-repellent formula so they can form a protective barrier over your skin to ensure no irritants come in to contact with the affected area.


Sudocrem is mainly used to treat nappy rash. Nappy rash is an irritation of the skin, usually in places covered by a nappy. It can be sore for your baby and they are more susceptible to getting nappy rash when teething or when changing. The best way to treat nappy rash is with a course of Sudocrem Cream on the problem area. Ensure that your baby is changed as soon as possible when the nappy is soiled to ensure the rash does not reoccur. Sudocrem Cream works best when reacting with air, so after applying the cream it is always recommended you allow it to air before placing a fresh nappy on your baby. 


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