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Stop Smoking Help & Advice

Giving up smoking is never an easy task, it takes hard work and determination. It's never too late to stop smoking, stopping at any age will increase your life expectancy, providing you to stop before you develop cancer or another serious disease. Quitting smoking doesn't have to be a constant uphill struggle, if you've tried before and it didn't work out then don't worry, research has shown that the more attempts you have tried to quit in the past, the more likely you are to succeed in the future. Here at Peak Pharmacy Online we have put together a guide of helpful tips and products which can aid you on your quest to quit smoking.

Start Spreading The News:

It can be hard to give up smoking on your own when your will power is tested when trying to beat craving and addiction you need that extra push. Tell your family and friends of your intention to give up smoking, talk to them when you are finding it hard or can feel an urge to smoke to start to manifest. This help, support and encouragement will be extremely helpful in your quest to give up smoking.

If you have smoking friends or family it is always a good idea to make them aware of your intention to quit. If you make it clear to them of your intention then they are less likely to ask you to come for a smoke or they will be more conscious of their smoking around you. 

Chew Away The Craving:

Many people switch to chewing gum to stave off cravings and if you plan to follow this method then it is always preferable to choose sugar-free gum. With different strengths of chewing gum available, it gives you total control of how much nicotine you need, meaning you can deal with cravings or withdrawal symptoms as and when they appear at any time of day. If you need a little more than just chewing gum you can try our range of nicotine gums, lozenges and mints which are specially designed to help soothe your nicotine craving.

Nicorette Gum is available in different flavours, so you will be sure to find a tasty replacement to help you get past the urges to smoke when the strike. Each piece of gum delivers a controlled amount of nicotine into your body to help deal with cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Altitude Sickness

NiQuitin CQ Gum is ideal for on-the-go craving relief when you feel the urge to smoke. Designed to help people that want to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke, with a reduce-to-quit approach allowing your body to adjust to fewer cigarettes which prepares you for when you want to quit for good. NiQuitin gum helps to manage your cravings, providing you with nicotine without the chemicals.

An alternative to gum is Nicorette Cools Icemint Lozenges, these lozenges use special dual-layer technology to help curb cravings. As the lozenge dissolves it releases therapeutic nicotine to help calm and relieve cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. The icy mint flavour also provides a long-lasting cooling taste.

Prescription Options:

Champix tablets are prescription tablets that are designed to help smokers quit smoking. These tablets contain the active ingredient Varenicline, which helps to stimulate the nicotinic receptors in the brain, which helps to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. Champix tablets also block nicotine from acting on your nicotinic receptors, which prevents any nicotine that is inhaled from cigarettes having any effect. Champix tablets are initially taken twice per day for 12 weeks and are thought to be more effective than other NRT due to the fact that it blocks the effects of nicotine entirely. You can buy Champix tablets from Peak Pharmacy Online with a prescription, or through an Online Consultation.

You Smoke What You Eat:

The one thing nicotine does do is suppress appetite when you are giving up smoking prepare yourself for an increased in appetite. Prepare for this by ensuring your diet does not consist of a lot of high fat and sugary foods. When you decide to go smoke-free, your appetite and sense of taste may improve, which may tempt you to snack more often than usual.

The urge to suppress nicotine with sweet and sugary foods may help in the short term, but in the long term, you could gain unwanted weight which may trigger a relapse into smoking. A balanced diet mixed with a gradual increase in exercise is the best way to approach giving up smoking. Any weight gain that you may see after you quit smoking need only be temporary, as once you have stopped smoking you will find it easier to be active and lose any extra weight. 

Make A Date:

It is never too late to stop smoking, no matter how old you are, stopping at any age will help increase your life expectancy, provided you ensure to stop before you develop cancer or any other serious disease. Mark a day when you plan to quit smoking. You can allow yourself to stop within a couple of days of deciding to stop smoking or you can allow yourself a couple of weeks to build up to quitting.

You can try the Niquitin Pre-Quit Patch which allows you to smoke as normal for 2-4 weeks while wearing the patch, before giving up all your cigarettes on your 'quit day'. By setting the date, you are able to prepare mentally and at the end of your pre-quit period, you can begin the NiQuitin step-down patch programme. Ensure that you are prepared and choose a plan that is right for you as this will be the foundation for you to quit smoking if the date or plan is unrealistic then the more chance you have of failing.

Out With The Old:

Get rid of all your ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes and all other smoking paraphernalia to help make the opportunity to smoke less accessible. Having to go out and spend money on buying everything you need may also help deter you from wanting to part with your money but also will give you more time to think through the process, time which could help you realise you don’t need to smoke.

Know Your Limits:

If you have friends who smoke and you are on a night out the temptation to smoke will be very high, so try to take the evening slowly. It is always advisable for the first few weeks of giving up smoking to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Replace drinks like alcohol and coffee with sweet fruit-based drinks or stick to water, it might not be seen as much fun as what your friends are drinking, but if your goal is to stop smoking it will greatly increase your chances.

Don’t want a night out with your friends or family? Suggest a group night in instead, this way the temptations to smoke are greatly reduced from that of being out on the town. Everyone has their own way of coping with cravings, so it is ideal to have a plan in mind if you find yourself suddenly having cravings. Make sure your friends and family recognise the signs of your cravings so they can help. From the moment you stop smoking, your body begins its recovery process, this is when withdrawal symptoms will start to strike. There are many different withdrawal symptoms that can cause you to to become restless, irritable or tired and you may have the urge to smoke. It is important to recognise symptoms and have plans in place to take your mind off them when they do occur.

Treat The Signs:

Whether you have been smoking for a short time or for years the one thing that will more than likely happen is a range of medical complaints due to withdrawal. The key factor when giving up smoking is to increase the amount of water you take on, keep yourself hydrated, this can help tackle any unwanted dehydration or headaches which can surface due to nicotine withdrawal. You can relive any headache pains brought on by the nicotine withdrawal by browsing our full pain relief range.

Cravings are usually the first sign of nicotine withdrawal if you feel the urge to smoke, keep yourself busy, tidy a room in your house, go for a brisk walk or engage yourself in some activity that will distract you from listening and acting on your craving. Doing activities that you associate with smoking can also be difficult, so it is important to ensure you have smoking products that can help to curb any cravings. If you need a quit hit then the Nicorette QuickMist spray is perfect for you as it is a unique mouth spray that provides instant relief against nicotine withdrawal.

You may find that you start to become irritable or impatient due to the lack of nicotine if this is the case try to avoid caffeine, try light exercise or engage in an activity which relaxes you. Some may find it hard to sleep during the withdrawal process so you can aid this temporary sleep loss or insomnia by using Nytol Tablets which are a clinically proven nighttime sleep aid that can help you get into a regular sleep rhythm by reducing alertness and promote the first drowsy stages of sleep.

Just Keep Writing:

Some people who give up smoking find it handy to keep a journal of their experiences. This not only helps keep your mind focused and engaged but you also have a routine to stick to by writing in the journal each day, this activity can help fight off any urge to smoke when cravings kick in. If you write about how you are feeling during the quitting process, you are able to use this information later if you feel yourself having the urge to smoke, you can write tips and advice for yourself if symptoms or cravings start to strike. Keeping yourself busy by writing, or taking up other hobbies, can improve your chances of quitting as your mind is focused elsewhere and stops any cravings from appearing.

It All Adds Up:

The health problems that smoking can cause are all well known and should be the number one reason for people deciding to give up smoking, but many never seem to factor in the money they could also save by kicking the habit. The prices of cigarettes are only every going to increase, so as well as a strain on your body, you will start to feel a strain on your money. Think of how much a packet of cigarettes costs, then think about how many packs you go through in a week, then think about how many you go through in a month. How about over a year? It all starts to add up.

When it comes to buying patches, gums or inhalators it isn't as expensive as people are lead to believe, in fact, the average amount a person spends on devices to help them stop smoking is usually far more economical than continuing to buy cigarettes and over the months and years that will show in the bank balance.


It's Down To You:

Smoking can cause a range of serious and deadly disease such as heart disease and cancer of the bladder, cervix, colorectum, kidney, liver, lung, ovaries, pancreas and stomach. So quitting, or even cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke can help you look and feel better, and also save you money. Every cigarette you smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, including 50 that greatly increase your risk of getting cancer. Smokers who are more likely to have a heart attack as non-smokers, and more likely to suffer from strokes or blood clots. 1 in every 5 deaths in adults over the age of 35 are linked to smoking, and 50% of long-term smokers will die prematurely due to smoking-related disease.

The only person who can make you stop smoking is you. Your willpower and determination is what will ultimately help you beat your addiction and finally give up smoking. As this guide has shown, it does not have to be a constant uphill struggle. Use the support of your friends and family, use the techniques and tips in this guide, make them all work in a way which best suits you.