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Prescription Altitute Sickness Tablets

Altitude Sickness, otherwise known as Acute Mountain Sickness develops in individuals that have difficulty adapting to low oxygen levels at high altitudes. More commonly people suffer from altitude sickness as they climb to a high altitude too quickly, the decrease in atmospheric pressure makes breathing difficult as you are unable to take on as much oxygen as you are used to. Most cases of altitude sickness are mild and included symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and exhaustion and symptoms calm after a few days rest at altitude as their body adapts & adjusts. More severe cases of altitude sickness can cause fluid to build upon the lungs or the brain, these are serious symptoms and would require urgent medical attention.

Properly acclimatising your body before ascending is one of the best ways to help avoid symptoms of altitude sickness. If you start to ascend and you are affected by symptoms, then you should descend to the last altitude where you were comfortable. Altitude sickness can affect anyone and isn't measured by how fit you are, it is common to start feeling altitude sickness at around 2,500 metres above sea level. More severe symptoms of altitude sickness tend to occur at around 3,500 metres.

For more information regarding altitude sickness, read out Altitude Sickness Information page.


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