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Period Delay Tablets

There are certain situations when you feel you may want to delay your period, for example, when going on holidays, when taking exams, attending a wedding or if you are heading off on your honeymoon.

If you are currently taking a contraceptive pill, then you can delay your period by taking two packets back to back, however, be sure to check with your GP or pharmacist before attempting this as there may be certain side effects or risks depending on what contraceptive pill you are currently taking.

If you are not currently taking the contraceptive pill, then there is prescription medication available to delay your period. Your GP will inform you how often to take the medication, however, it is normally 3 tablets per day, starting 2 to 3 days before your period starts. When you stop taking the tablets, your period should show two or three days later.


These tablets contain a hormone that is similar to the hormone progestogen that is naturally produced by the body. Progestogens are hormones that sustain the lining of the womb. Before your period begins there is a fall in the level of progestogen hormone. When the hormone reaches a certain level, the lining of the uterus is shed as a menstrual period. By taking these prescription tablets, the lining of the uterus is sustained until you stop taking them.

It is important to remember that any prescription period delay tablets should NOT be used as a contraceptive.


You can order your period delay tablets online from Manor Pharmacy.

If you already have a prescription for your period delay tablets, then you can simply choose to upload your prescription when placing your order. Simply choose 'I have a prescription' when adding the tablets to your basket. You will then be asked to send your prescription to us through the post, and when we receive your prescription, your tablets will be dispensed and sent out to you.

If you don't currently have a prescription, then you can complete our online consultation during the ordering process. Simply choose 'I'd like an online consultation' when adding the tablets to your basket. You will then be lead through a series of medical questions which relate to that particular product. Your answers will be reviewed by our resident pharmacist, and providing we have no queries with your order, your order will be dispensed and sent out to you from our UK pharmacy.

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For more information on Period Delay, please visit the NHS Choices website.