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Putting your skin through the ordeal of shaving can take its toll on your skin so you need to make sure you can ensure your skin is cared for. Palmolive have produced a range of shaving products which have one thing in mind, to help your skin recover during and after shaving. Using natural palm extracts and aloe vera, Palmolive products help to treat irritation caused by shaving leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. 


The unique formula of these products ensures for a closer shave so there is less need for repeat shaving over the same area, the main cause of skin irritation. The key factor to Palmolive is the essence of re-hydrating your skin and restoring the natural moisture of your skin. Whatever your preference of shaving product Palmolive has you covered, whether its gels and foams or the traditional shaving stick, there is a product for you.


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