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Migraleve tablets are designed to treat the painful symptoms of Migraines, if you suffer from regular migraines then you should consult your pharmacist. Migraleve tablets are designed to treat your migraine at different stages. Migraleve Pink is taken at the first stage of a migraine, containing paracetamol and codeine that is designed to treat the pain and also relieve nausea that is associated with migraines. Migraleve Yellow tablets are designed to treat the continuing headache symptoms, and should always be taken after the first dose of Migraleve Pink.

Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 12 men suffer from a migraine attack at some point in their life, Migraleve tablets are designed to provide relief from migraines as soon as your feel it developing. If you have suffered, or suffer from migraines, then you know that is more than just a headache. Migraines often lead to an intense throbbing pain that occurs in one side of your head. Common symptoms of a migraine are nausea & vomiting, sensitivity to noise, light & smell, feeling hot or cold, loss of concentration and fatigue. Not everyone experiences these symptoms, and do not usually occur all at once. Recognising symptoms and early warning signs can sometimes be difficult, since migraines vary from one person to the next. However some common signs to look for before migraines attack are a change in mood, tiredness, hyperactivity and food cravings. Manor Pharmacy have Migraleve tablets available to buy online at low prices, all with free delivery direct to your door.

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