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Imperial Leather began back in the 1930’s and have spent all this time honing and perfecting their craft to bring to you the most cleansing and skin kind products available on the current market. When the first soap was launched in 1930 it was an international hit and used the world over, that soap formula is not far off the current incarnation that is on the market today. During the war years when soap was rationed many chose to use Imperial Leather as it lasted the longest out of all the other soaps available, a boast they can still hold to this day. 


Throughout the years, based on the foundation of that original soap, Imperial Leather has gone on to craft a range of skin care products to help clean and treat your skin. From shower gels to talc’s, Imperial Leather products are perfect for use with almost any skin types and their natural ingredients make them perfect for use on people even with the most sensitive skin. At Manor Pharmacy we offer a wide selection of Imperial Leather products at fantastic prices so that you and your family can have the skincare your deserve.

Imperial Leather

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