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Pigeon Medicine & Treatment from Manor Pharmacy

Due to the increased knowledge of pigeons and the increase range of medication that is available for them, it is now possible to manage most, if not all, diseases that pigeons can catch, which means you are able to have a loft free of disease. If you own a racing pigeon then it is possible that during the racing season it is more than likely to pick up health issues from other pigeons, therefore it is important to try and protect your pigeons from picking up any diseases or other health risks with certain medication.

Manor Pharmacy provide a range of medication for your pigeons that ensures they are able to maintain full health for longer and are able to recover from health problems as quickly as possible. Pigeons can be susceptible to a number of illnesses, such as parasitic diseases and worms, which means that you need to ensure your pigeon gets the best possible solution that they need. Manor Pharmacy provide the leading brands to ensure your pigeon gets the best product when it needs it the most, for any more questions or information regarding pigeons, please contact us.