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Buy Lylcear Head Lice Treatment Online:

Lyclear products are designed to help treat and prevent head lice. Head lice are small insects that live on your or a member of your families head. They prefer to live in the warmest place on the head, for example behind the ears or the base of the neck. Head lice feed on human blood by biting through the scalp, up to 4 times per day. By feeding on the scalp, it causes itching and irritates the skin, head lice do not carry diseases, but excessive scratching can break open the skin which can cause infection. Head lice generally do not survive for more than 2 to 3 days outside of the hair, and they are unable to jump, fly or swim, but they can lay up to 10 eggs per day. These eggs are commonly found at the root of the hair and can be difficult to remove.

If you have noticed head lice or eggs in a member of your family, then there are a number of ways it can be treated. Lylcear have either shampoo, spray or creme rinse that can help treat or prevent head lice infestation. Lyclear solutions are designed to work quickly to reduce the amount of time hair needs to be treated for. There are a number of head lice treatment solutions available, with or without insecticides. Products that avoid insecticides don't use chemicals, instead they eliminate head lice by blocking their breathing holes, which suffocates live head lice and dehydrates any eggs. Buy Lyclear head lice treatment online from Manor Pharmacy, with Free UK mainland delivery.