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Manor Pharmacy provide a large range of products that are specifically designed for your dog, whether you are looking for wormers & spot ons, dental aids, dog food, accessories or prescription items that have been recommended by your vet. We know that we offer our customers that best brands at the best prices available direct to your door with Free UK mainland delivery.

If your dog is suffering from worms or fleas then it is important to treat them as soon possible to prevent any health problems that can occur, Manor Pharmacy have a large range of popular solutions to combat worms or fleas, such as the popular Frontline and Drontal. Ideally your dog should be treated for roundworms & tapeworms every 6 months, and your animal & the environment should be treated for fleas as soon as a infestation is found.

No matter what condition your dog is suffering from, Manor Pharmacy stock a large range of products to help calm symptoms and help your pet lead a healthy lifestyle, wheather it's arthritis or mobility problems, dental hygiene, kidney or liver problems, skin care issues or stress related problems, we will try our best to you get the best treatment for your beloved dog. If you require any help or questions regarding a certain product, then simply contact us.