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If your cat is ill, then it can sometimes be difficult to see the early signs, therefore when you know what is wrong with your cat, it is important to get the right product that can get them back on their feet and healthy as soon as possible. Many of our customers are able take care of basic health needs such as worming or flea spot on treatments. Manor Pharmacy provide the best available brands for our customers with products such as Frontline & Fiprospot spot on flea treatment, and Drontal & Cestem wormer tablets.

Aswell as our popular wormer and spot on treatments, Manor Pharmacy provide a large range of products for a variety of cat health issues, including hairball & upset stomach issues, arthritis & mobility problems, dental hygiene, ear cleaners & drops, cat toys & accessories and prescription only medicines that are recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

Many cats suffer from stress & anxiety problems, therefore Manor Pharmacy provide the ever popular Feliway products to help keep them calm when visiting the vet, in multicat households, with new visitors, even if new furniture is introduced into the house. Feliway is designed to help cats to stay calm by releasing a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheramone. Manor Pharmacy provide a large range of cat health products, mostly available with Free UK mainland delivery.